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YRJtechnology Ltd experience in wind power reaches two decades in the time to the first moments, when industry of the wind power started. Read more

About Us

We are working in cooperation with the customer to provide most efficient production capacity for wind power parks.

We will measure and find an economic optimum location and tower height for wind turbines.


The measured data will be collected daily. If on site are any deviations, so it will be corrected, immediately.


The data will be analysed monthly and the customer will get the analysis report on the first days of month. YRJtechnology Ltd does wind measures today with up to 140 meter aluminium mast, GSM mast, SODAR and LIDAR units. The company does sun radiation measures, too.


Motto: YRJtechnology Ltd is user of yesterday, today and tomorrow in wind measuring technology.

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Measuring process includes three stages;

To find the right measuring place and installation of measuring equipment
Collecting daily the data, monthly analysis and customer reporting
The whole measuring period final report with gauge calibration

We only provide the most reliable tools for measuring, which are tested and operated in good weather and in harsh conditions fully compliant with the IEC standard. The anemometers are classified to first class (DTU) by standard IEC 61400-12-1:2005 and calibrated by a member of MEASNET Svend Ole Hansen Aps laboratory (accredited ISO 17025).

The measuring data will be collected through internet daily and analysed monthly. The data will be evaluated as numeric- and graphical reports, average wind speed and direction monthly basis. Temperature, air pressure, wind speed distribution, wind speed and wind energy contents and turbulence by every direction distribution.

On the basis of a selected wind power turbine technical values can be calculated the electric production (MWh/month or MWh/year) on the wind measuring place.

If the investment cost of the planned wind power plant is available, the price of electricity of ready built power plant is possible to calculate (€/MWh). This helps to make decision, is the measuring place good or bad to build profitable wind power plants and park.


ARCTIC AGGREGATE - In addition to we are offering to the Arctic condition electric power for heating of measuring gauges. SUN ENERGY MEASUREMENT - As a new services is measuring of sun energy. The readiness has been years but this days demand has grown up.






  • YRJtechnology Ltd. has founded in Finland in 1985 and has it’s roots in global power plant maintenance. We begin wind power research in 1991 and measurement operations in 1994.

    Our reference in wind power measuring,
    Wind power survey at Pori city region (island site)
    Tammisaari, Pietarsaari and municipal of Larsmo
    Wind power survey at Vaasa city region (coastal site)
    Varsinais-Suomi and Satakunta region (inland, sea coast and island site)
    Towns of Kemi and Tornio (coastal site)
    Härmä, Mouhijärvi ja Honkajoki (inland site)
    Simo, Olhava, Tervola, Raahe, Perniö, Juva, Joroinen
    Seinäjoki, Tornio, Haukipudas, Sauvo, Pyhtää, Siikainen etc.
    We have measured on over 30 localities on several sites.

    Our customers are and have been:
    The biggest TuuliWatti, EPV, WinWind, Taaleritehdas and several smaller clients.

    On the base of our wind measurements have built at the end of year 2012 (+ Honkajoki 2013) wind power plants and parks 117.7 MW. It is nearly half of (45,8 %) in Finland built wind power (257 MW at the end of year 2012; VTT report; Wind energy statics in Finland 2012)

    We are happy to hear our customer, to note, that to days wind energy production with new turbines verifies beforehand made measurements, calculations and estimates.

    Theoretical basis is Doctor Yrjö Rinta-Jouppi’s thesis in 2003 ”Development of Offshore Wind Power Price Competitiveness Using a New Logistic Construct”, that includes vast amount of experience in wind power measuring and analyzing.

    The owner and CEO of company YRJtechnology is Yrjö Rinta-Jouppi. He studied in Helsinki University of Technology on machinery department manufacturing technology line.

    After completed mechanical engineer degree he moved to Switzerland. The first job was on Brown Boveri & Cie(now ABB), on turbo charging development group. The following job was Rauma-Repola Oy Mäntyluoto where he worked for 20 years on oilrig manufacturing, shipyard engineer, production manager, head of commercial department and as a last one vice president of logistic of marine technology. At the same time he completed licenciate of technology in industrial economy. Some years in Prizztech Oy development company developing domestic windmill. At the same time he completed wind measuring campaign on offshore island.

    On Vasa University he completed PhD thesis 2003. The topic was the cost question of offshore wind power production. Related to thesis was published world wide patent about foundation of offshore wind power plant. Mainly measuring of wind speed grounded company YRJtechnology Oy was established 2005 and continues further.


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